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Kopano ke Matla

For hockey

Six to sixty plus

The name Old Albanians Hockey Club is no more. The club however, is still very much alive, just as before, maybe even better. After 30 years since our founding it was time to rebrand and reposition ourselves. We are delighted and excited to reveal to the world for the first time our new name, Phoenix Hockey Club.

A phoenix is a mythical bird that cyclically burnt itself to death every 500 years and was reborn from its own ashes. The phoenix is therefore always associated with renewal or rebirth. The symbolism often extends to represent hope, strength and eternity, which is exactly why we chose it. Thanks to Liane van Dyk, one of our members and winner of the club renaming competition.

We hope you like it and the brand new club badge to go with it and you and your family will identify with it for a long time, as we strive to be what we have always aimed to be, the six to sixty plus hockey.

Our new motto, “Kopano ke Matla”, translates from the Sesotho language as Strength in Unity, builds on the phoenix idea and represents the views on unity and transformation the Club aspires to.

Our sincere thanks to Tyger Valley College and their shareholder AdvTech Ltd for sharing our vision of establishing a vibrant, family based hockey club within their community. We look forward to a very exciting relationship that will achieve exciting new things in the club hockey environment, locally and nationally.

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